What is our mission?

  • We work for the passion and love of the industry
  • We thrive on honesty and integrity
  • We will always aim to manage your career and get the best opportunities for you
  • We are happy to represent all ages, heights, genders and ethnicities considered
  • We are diverse and seek diversity


Our Models

If you have a fire in your gut to break into this industry then we want to hear from you! Seeking great character faces, cool, funky models, actors and supporting artists. Dynamic and edgy classic models and beautiful families

Actors and supporting artist please apply above and select the relevant option on the contact form.

We believe in diversity and we believe that we are all created to explore our passions.

As a company we chose to support and recognise the important work done on behalf of those with Dementia and Cancer. We make regular donations from charity fashion show events we run to support the Cancer Research UK and Dementia Care Charities.

Our Tips

  • Ask as many questions as possible
  • When applying to an agency online ensure that you have a parent or guardian do this for you and that all communications with the agency go directly to them, this applies to anyone under 18 years
  • Do not part with any fee’s up front so if there is an admin/registration fee then this should be deductible from earnings only
  • When attending a casting for a new agency make sure makeup is kept to a minimum or better still, no makeup at all
  • If you are invited to meet your agent before registration ensure you bring a parent or friend with you, even if they have to wait outside until your interview is over
  • Models under 16 must always have a parent or guardian with them at all times even during an interview, castings and work assignments
  • If you are successful with an agency ensure that you understand what their terms and conditions are or better still ensure that you sign a contract before engaging in work
  • Always supply varied photos that show the best of you to your agent, remember your success is down to you
  • You are your own business as a model and the tools you use to get the best results from castings is largely down to your portfolio so the stronger your images the more likely you are to get selected for work
  • Work is never a guarantee with any agency. As agents we work extremely hard to market you to our clients the final decision is with the client as they know what they are looking for with each campaign


and finally…

Just keep being yourself, stay professional at all times, keep your images fresh and up to date. Also, NEVER be late for work or castings and make sure you arrive at least 10 mins before and notify your agency if you are running late. Time is money!

We wish you the very best of luck,

Managing Director – Eden Model Management